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We are happy to announce that our website has been redesigned into a sleek and more interactive experience. New features include a flickr feed, an RSS feed, and an expanded reel of our most recent projects. Special thanks to Sekahng Oh who created the new website. Check it out!

Big News in Documentary!


Our biggest news: Imaginaut Entertainment has completed Skum ROCKS!

The unbelievable true story of the band that gained East Coast popularity in the late1980s despite having a complete lack of musical talent and ambition. A powerful PR machine built their fame, and soon their primary objective was to invent new and creative ways to get kicked off stage without actually playing. Narrated by hall of famer Alice Cooper, Skum ROCKS!, is a genre-bending film described by some as a true-life 'This is Spinal Tap', and by others as an independent 'Rock of Ages'. Skum ROCKS! chronicles the rise, fall, and return of this infamous band.

Producer Michael Walker, Clay Westervelt
Director Clay Westervelt
Director of Photography Clay Westervelt
Writer Hart Baur, Clay Westervelt
Add'l Photography Erix Mercedes, Regina Russell
Editor Zack Delman, Brooks Larson, Wendy Nomiyama, Sekahng Oh, Alex Twu

Mr. Twister

Imaginaut was hired by Oscar-winning filmmaker Mark Harris to produce a short documentary on the theme of autism, and director Clay Westervelt was lucky enough to meet an impressive young man who became the perfect subject. Brian Tolley inadvertently discovered a unique form of art therapy for himself - he creates sculptures and figures from grocery store twist-ties!

This five-minute doc has received generous reviews in Documentary Magazine after playing in multiple film festivals, and will soon be available through

* Santa Barbara International Film Festival
* Sun Valley International Film Festival
* Newport Beach International Film Festival
* Dances With Films Festival

Producer/Director Clay Westervelt
Editor/Graphic Artist Sekahng Oh
Music Lee Sanders

Us and the Game Industry

Imaginaut co-produced this unique documentary with a New Zealand-based production company, and the culmination of this four-year cooperation is an innovative and intriguing film.

The new generation of video game designers aren't chasing greater photorealism in blood splatters; they're treating this as a new art form, seeking to create a gaming experience that is more cerebral, emotional, or artistic. Shot on location across the US and Europe, this engrossing film premiered at Dances With Films in June 2013 and is currently available for distribution.

Director Stephanie Beth
Supervising Producer/Cinematographer Clay Westervelt

Imaginaut Goes Viral!

Imaginaut has become increasingly involved with the conception and creation of online viral videos, and we're finding this fertile ground for our imaginative minds!


Featured on and available at the iTunes App Store! It's like "Yelp"... for Public Toilets. A new app aims high by hitting low. Never sit on an undeserving toilet again.

Director Clay Westervelt
Camera/Sound Tim Morrish
Starring Julia Corpoin
In Association With Mad Dog Studios

Eva Longoria for Sheba Catfood

Imaginaut had the pleasure of producing four longer-form online spots to showcase Sheba Catfood's new "Feed Your Passion" campaign with spokesperson Eva Longoria. We're very proud of the look and feel of these feline features!

Producer/Director Clay Westervelt
Cinematographer Darryl E. Smith, John Ealer, Lisa Stacilauskas
Gaffer Kyle Pugsley
Production Audio Jim Siler

Birdseye with Jennette McCurdy

Birdseye set about making veggies fun, and hired Clay Westervelt to direct a series of online videos inviting kids to try new vegetable pairings and recipes. Fueled by an improvisational RAP by iCarly star Jennette McCurdy, the series was tremendously successful, demonstrating a 33% spike in sales!

Director Clay Westervelt
Producer John Younger
Cinematographer Darryl E. Smith
Production Audio Doug Ball
Editor Sekahng Oh

Suave Professionals

After shooting elements with Heidi Klum last year for their "Clear" campaign, we were happy to be recruited for a series of styling videos from Suave Professionals, showcasing top stylists Theodore Leaf and Jenny Cho. This one was so much fun, we're considering opening the Imaginaut Salon!

Director Clay Westervelt
Director of Photography Lisa Stacilauskas
Camera Operator Tim Morrish
Editor Alex Twu, Mark Belko, Andy Chinn
Production Audio Jim Siler

Imaginaut Kids!

Yes, you may have found us on Twitter with our new @ImaginautKids handle as we've been talking about all things kid-friendly, like our work with MashPlant and the new upcoming Storyline Online programs we've produced for the BookPALS program sponsored by Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

The idea behind Storyline is for any child with access to the internet to be provided the opportunity to have an adult they recognize reading to them. We supplement the talented performances with original music (courtesy Lee Sanders) and light animation that holds the viewer's interest without becoming a cartoon. The intent is, of course, to promote literacy after all. These and other stories available at www.storylineonlinenet.

The Tooth read by Annette Bening

Ms. Bening was a dream to work with on this precocious coming-of-age story about a little girl who struggles to learn the value of childhood while driving headlong into adulthood.

Director Clay Westervelt
Cinematographer Jeremiah Smith
Editor Sekahng Oh
Music Lee Sanders

Chester's Way

Look for this tale of tolerance about three mice that learn their differences are smaller than their similarities, voiced with enthusiasm by Katie LeClerc and Vanessa Marano. For the first time, we produced this one with American Sign Language integration!

Director Clay Westervelt
Cinematographer Jaron Tauch
Editor Wendy Nomiyama
Music Lee Sanders


SAG Foundation

We have recently completed production and post-production of the new promo for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. It was shot on a stage generously donated by Panavision with visual effects provided by Mark Intravartolo of Prime Focus.

Watch as Jobeth Williams guides us on a tour of the various programs and benefits that the SAG Foundation provides for actors.

Producer Jennifer Stetson
Director / DP Clay Westervelt
Camera Operator Lisa Stacilauskas
Sound Operator Sekahng Oh
Gaffer Owen Hooker
Key Grip Stu Brumbaugh
Production Assistants Christian Balka, Joe Ghang, Alex Twu
Post Production Supervisor Markus Lodewyk
Inferno Artist Mark Intravartolo
Starring JoBeth Williams
Produced in association with Small Pond Pictures

We also saw the launch of the latest episode of Storyline Online on May 7th. Written by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Graham, Harry the Dirty Dog has delighted readers for over five decades.

Now a new generation can experience it for the first time on the Storyline Online website as it is read by Betty White.

Producer Clay Westervelt
Director Russ Matthews
Director of Photography James Conant
Sound Operator Tom Echlin
Production Assistant Christian Balka
Post Production Supervisor Markus Lodewyk
Editor Sekahng Oh

We’ve also continued our work with the SAG Foundation to document their actor access program, Conversations, shooting and editing dialogues with:

Thomas Gibson Kim Raver Peggy McCay Laura Harring
Melissa Leo Jenifer Lewis Donna Mills Laraine Newman
Robert Osborne CCH Pounder Andy Richter Christian Slater
Bill Smitrovich Simon Baker Richard Dreyfuss Johnny Galecki
Robert Hays Tim DeKay Michael Emerson Michael C Hall
Producers Clay Westervelt, Markus Lodewyk, John Younger, Sekahng Oh, Noris Bentivegna, Karen Higgins
Camera Operators Lisa Stacilauskas, Markus Lodewyk, Christian Balka, Peter Schmitt, Gregg Furuoka, Joseph Ghang, James Conant, John Boyd, Sean Hayes, Larry Diamond
Sound Operators Sekahng Oh, Doug Ball, Tom Echlin, Mike Sakaniwa, Jim Siler
Editors Markus Lodewyk, Sekahng Oh, Alex Twu, Joseph Ghang, Gregg Furuoka, Soken Sai, Audrey Weller, Brian Bolander, Zack Delman, Daniel Grzeskowiak

Paramount Digital's Circle of Eight

Filmed on-set at the abandoned Linda Vista Hospital, our crew braved all-nighters at the supposedly haunted location to create three special feature segments for Paramount Digital’s Circle of Eight.

The intriguing backdrops used for the interviews were created by the clever use of a light placed on a dolly as it was pulled down a dark corridor towards the camera. You have to see it to believe it. Circle of Eight launched on and is currently available on DVD.

Be sure to look for Circle of Eight at your local BlockBuster store!

Director Clay Westervelt
Camera Operators Clay Westervelt, Markus Lodewyk, Christian Balka
Production Assistants Justin Willett, Jess Bickhart
Editors Markus Lodewyk, Sekahng Oh, Gregg Furuoka

New Trends

Traditional media like books and magazines are becoming increasingly promoted on the web with short videos that introduce the book and the author to a new generation of Internet users. Recently we have produced projects for publishers like Sterling Publishing, Beacon Press and Random House, Inc.

You can watch the book video for Family Sentence featuring its author Jeanine Cornillot as for the first time she watches an 8mm film reel given to her by her Cuban-Revolutionary father.

Click here to purchase the book from Beacon Press.

Director Clay Westervelt
Cinematographer John Boyd, Daniel Grzeskowiak
Editor Markus Lodewyk

Another example is the book video for Teaching Hope, the latest book by Erin Gruwell, the bestselling author of The Freedom Writers Diary.

Click here to purchase the book from Random House, Inc.

Cinematographer John Ealer
Editor Sekahng Oh
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